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What makes an excellent resume? It seems that everyone thinks there is one perfect resume format for all types of profiles. It is incorrect on every point! However, I have to say that one thing that makes a great resume is what gets you called by potential employers.

Submit your resume to major job boards such as and Apply for the positions you think you are a good fit. Give it a few days. You should receive calls within one week if your resume is good. Some hiring managers are slower than others. You can declare your resume ineffective if you have not received any calls within the first week.

Surrey Resume Writers

Your Surrey Resume Writers will ensure that your resume passes through the automated applicant tracking filters and appeals to hiring managers on social media sites like LinkedIn.

Your resume is not being read by the employer. Employers want people who excel at their job. This is what your resume should reflect. Most resumes I see contain job descriptions. Employers should know what the applicant does, not what their strengths are. Your resume is your chance to brag, but not be labelled arrogant or cocky. Employers expect you to brag on your resume. Write down all the proud moments you have had. These awards and trophies do not need to be tangible. You can have small wins every day or big successes.

CaResumeServices can help you with your resume if needed. We offer assistance throughout the entire job search process from the interview stage to the negotiation of salary. We encourage our clients to contact us via email or phone whenever they have questions about their job search efforts. We are always available to assist. It is my personal mission to give back. I have met many people willing to help me in my recruitment career. It would be great if I could do it all for free!

We can guarantee you that our Resume Writing Services in Surrey are the best. We’ve been in the recruitment business for more than 8 years. We continue to grow our services to help more people. can be found in Vancouver and Surrey, BC. Visit us online at CaResumeServices or give us a call!