Grademiners Review 2019

The Grademiners Review 2019 You Can Trust

Is trustworthy? Can they be trusted with that important task and deliver? With this grade miners review, we aim to show how this service handles its business. We consider various aspects of their service from the design to payment and by the end of this the question; ‘is grade miners reliable?’ will be answered automatically.

About This Service Does it Work?

As students, there is usually much work to do in terms of academics. Sometimes these tasks might become too overwhelming for students due to various reasons which include generally lacking time to deal with these tasks, having poor language and or writing skills, pressure from very close deadlines are even just laziness. Therefore it is logical for this student to turn to online sources for help. Finding a service that genuinely cares for your interests will be a great bonus. Some writing services are scammers who only intend to get clients’ money while providing mediocre services. This is why students need reviews.

Before going any further we need to answer the question; ‘what is grade miner? This is a professional online writing company that provides writing and other services. This service is based in the US and has been around since 2009. They help local as well as international students with their academic tasks. How does grademiners work? These like other writing services allow clients to place orders for their academic papers, make payments for the order and then the work is delivered to their clients.

By now you are probably wondering, is grademiners legit? This question can be answered by what the definition of legit is. They do provide the writing services they promise to clients before payment which rules out any reports of a grademiners scam. This service is well known among college students for the different papers they offer.

So what is grade miners rating against other companies? Grademiners is ranked among the best services in the market. They have gained much experience in dealing with clients and also delivering quality during the years they have been in the market.

Grade miners is it reliable? Yes, they are. They are always known to meet the delivery deadlines that clients specify. Their writers are very fast in completing orders. For example, normal essays take them only 3-6 hours to complete; research papers are completed in 24-48 hours and dissertations are written in 5-7 days. They even go further as to allow clients to place urgent orders that have less than 8-hour deadlines. What makes grademiners a good service? They can be credited as a good service because they care about their clients. This service always tries to better the customer experience with them.

A good example is a fact that they have full-time customer support. Clients can reach them at any time to address their issues with the service as well as make inquiries. With them you can place your order at any time and still get it completed within the time you have allocated them. This service also offers great guarantees to its clients such as full confidentiality and quality guarantee. They also assure clients of no plagiarism with their papers which makes them quite reliable. Also, this service has made significant attempts in reducing the burden of payment for clients by the presence of grade miner discounts and bonuses.


The first thing we are going to analyze in this grademiner review is the design of their website. When you first visit their website, the first thing you realize is that they have made it so inviting and somewhat playful. They have used colors that are both subtle and appealing to the eye. Also one of the great attributes about their page is that it is easily navigable. They have understood that sometimes clients are in a hurry and therefore they have adopted a very neat arrangement. Also, all the crucial elements about their service are located at the top to reduce the need to scroll down.

From the top, this service has provided their contact information clearly and also the order button. There is also a menu on the right whereby clients can navigate to other different pages related to the site to learn about their services, prices and also reviews.

One of the prominent features on this site is the cost calculator that is meant to prepare clients to place their orders by having the price of the service calculated which saves time. When scrolling down, you will realize that they have highlighted some of their guarantees to clients. They are well summarized, and so you will not spend much time going through them. Their live chat button is also very clearly placed at the bottom right part, and it sticks there even as you scroll down so that you may contact them to make inquiries very easily. The color transition in this site is very smooth and highlights their professionalism. Also, one of the rare features you will find on this website is a video that tells you all about their service. Different reviews will reveal that they have one of the best website designs among writing services.

Grademiners Services

Grademiners deals with different types of papers. The most common ones include essays, research papers, coursework, term papers, reviews, assignments, case studies, thesis, research proposal, lab reports, reviews, annotated bibs and also dissertations.

Here is a list of other grade miners services available to clients.

  • Help with Formatting- Papers that have formatting requirements in MLA, APA Harvard and even Chicago styles.
  • Proofreading Papers- They offer to go through papers to correct errors in grammar, language, spellings, and punctuation
  • Editing- This involves a deeper analysis of papers to improve on their overall quality. It improves on the effect of the content, and also the general areas.
  • PowerPoint presentations- For students who need to present a paper in the form of slides to instructors.
  • Calculations- For students dealing with mathematics related courses
  • Help with Design and programming assignments.

They cover over 50 different subjects in their papers by the help of their vastly specialized writers. The common subjects they can handle include business and management, social sciences, political sciences, English and literature, nursing and health, engineering, I.T, and history. Different grademiners reviews will indicate that they have specialized writers and editors to provide these services to ensure quality.

So, How do You Place an Order?

This service has provided a very easy order process for clients. It can even take you only 10 minutes to complete. When placing an order, the first thing you need to do is click on the Order Now button. You are then taken to a page that contains their order form. Their order process consists of only four steps. First, the client is supposed to fill out the sections with the details about the paper. First, you will have to indicate the type of work you need to be done and also the deadline you are providing.

Next, you will specify the subject of the paper, the academic level and also the size of the paper in terms of the number of pages and the spacing used. The price of your order is revealed on the cost calculator on your right. Next, you will have a section whereby you are supposed to fill in your email and phone number for purposes of communication. They also provide the option to receive notifications on the progress of the order. In the second step, they provide the opportunity for clients to give additional information about their paper.

The client is provided a section where they can drop the documents containing instructions for their papers. In the third step, you are opted to choose any additional services that you might need with your paper. Once you are past this stage, you are ready for the final step which is checked out. The client makes their payment for the service. This is where one can use their grade miners coupon to acquire a better price. Their order process is smooth and has no glitches, and therefore it benefits clients who have to make urgent orders and therefore need to save time.

Their Writers

Multiple reviews have a lot of positive things to say about their writing personnel. The writers are natives of the UK and US. They are former students in their colleges who have top-level writing language. This can be verified by actually communicating with them using the chat board. The writers are individuals who have undergone a very strict hiring process.

First, they present their CVs which are then analyzed based on factors such as background, the level of education, values and other skills. Less than 70% make it past this step. The ones that do are then put through a proficiency test to determine the level of their knowledge in their fields. Very few manage to pass this stage. The remaining are still tested against time whereby they are required to complete a paper within 4 hours. The successful will then undergo two weeks of training after which they will be confirmed as writers. This service gives clients access to writers who have advanced degrees ranging from masters to PhDs in their fields. Clients are free to select their preferred writers if they are not satisfied with the assigned ones.

They make Changes to Completed Work

This is one of the features that make reliable to their clients. So what do we mean by this? After submitting their work, sometimes the professors or instructors might decide to make some changes in the requirements for a student’s work. This means that the student will have to go and make the changes to their work. If a student had problems with the work that made them seek online assistance, they would be in a difficult situation. Some services do not allow clients to have changes in instructions made to work. However, Grademiners is very flexible and will allow these changes at no additional charge.

Are Grademiners Plagiarism free?

This service has one of the strictest policies about plagiarism. Plagiarism has become very risky to the student. Students caught with plagiarized work are subjected to penalties and will have their academic reputation tarnished if their papers are riddled with plagiarized content. Currently, colleges and universities can very easily detect plagiarism. Some of these institutions even have a percentage allowed which is mostly 5%. Grade miner writing company promises unique papers for clients which they deliver. So how do they manage it? First, their writers are instructed to write all their papers from scratch. A client will never get a paper that was previously delivered to anyone else. From here, these writers will follow the customer instructions very strictly which means that the papers are custom made specifically for them.

Also, this service has a quality assurance department that ensures that every paper is plagiarism free before being delivered to clients. This is by use of Copyscape, a tool that detects plagiarized content in a paper by matching it to all the rest of the internet. If there is a positive match for plagiarism, the writers are informed and made to make the changes before the papers are delivered to their clients.

Their Amazing Customer Service

Customer service can tell you a lot about a company. The quality of service a client gets will show how much they value their clients. Grademiner customer service is exceptional. As we have mentioned earlier, they are available 24/7 for clients. Also, customer support is rotated at different times. A client might deal with up to 6 different customer support officials in a single day. Their live support is also great. They respond almost immediately. When dealing with clients, they provide well-reasoned responses. Some of the services only use programmed responses for with their clients which can be quite exhausting when trying to make inquiries.

The customer support from grade miners is held in high regard by different reviews. One of the main reasons for this is because they will always maintain calmness when dealing with clients. These individuals have been trained to listen to clients and address their concerns. Even when dealing with rude clients, they will always up maintain their calmness. This service has understood from experience that sometimes the clients, who are mostly students, might be rude due to frustrations from school. The fact that this company offers clients direct communication with their writers leads to the production of better-customized papers.

Genuine Grademiners Testimonials

One of the features that support legit status is their testimonials. This service has provided reviews from different clients who ordered from them. In their website, there is an option to navigate to the menu to show the full reviews. Grademiner testimonials are frequently updated, and recent clients get the opportunity to share their experiences with the service. Although these testimonials are mostly positive comments from clients appreciating the service, this does not constitute a grademiners fraud. It only means that they are providing quality services to their clients.

Some of the well-known writing services do not allow client testimonials on their site. This is quite disappointing since clients need this information to make their decision about ordering papers from a particular service. Grademiners is confident in its services, and therefore they have no problems with potential clients reading about what new clients are saying about them. Furthermore, it has become easier to flag down scammers disguised as writing services currently. This is through the use of review sites. This means that a client can always consult a different grademiner review if they are having doubts about their services.

Their Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality is a very important factor to consider when dealing with online services. Clients have to ensure that their activities with writing services remain secret. This is because instructors and schools might not take kindly to their students acquiring assistance with their academic work. A student who might be discovered using these services might face harsh penalties from their school which may even extend to the level of expulsion if the paper was too high profile. Since students need this type of help sometimes, they will have to ensure that the service they entrust their papers with will maintain discretion. Here is our confidentiality policy review for grademiner.

As mentioned earlier, Grademiner service cares about their clients. They value their clients’ anonymity and safety, and therefore they have taken very strict measures in ensuring that clients remain anonymous when placing orders. First, this service does not store client information after the transactions are completed. Also, they ensure that all the client information is safe from any unauthorized access by using HTTPS encryption. Personal information such as emails, names, phone numbers or even transaction information is not revealed to the writers or any other parties.

Grademiners Prices Review

Interested in seeing how cheap or expensively they charge their clients? Take a look at this prices review.

When analyzing their prices, the first step is observing how they are calculated. Grademiner prices differ based on several factors. In their cost calculator, different aspects are considered when pricing their services. The first is the type of work. Essays are relatively cheaper in comparison to complex papers such as dissertations. The academic level also varies the prices, alongside the number of pages and spacing. Also, clients who provide longer deadlines get better prices, which is encouraging. The prices from grademiners are quite reasonable when you take into consideration, the work they produce and their service in general. This service will also give clients the choice of whether they want top writers handling their papers or not. With regular writers, clients get lower prices. Furthermore, they have taken steps to reduce the burden of pricing whereby a client with a valid discount code will have their price reduced by a significant percentage.

This company understands that clients are students and therefore might be operating under limited budgets. Therefore there are coupon codes that can be used to reduce the payment burden.

Their Promo Codes and Discounts

It is always encouraging to a customer to see that the companies they acquire services from are making efforts to ensure that their services are more affordable to them. Grademiners are very generous in this nature. A client can acquire a good reduction in price by using their grade miner promo code when making payments. Grademiners have provided a section in their payment process where clients who have grademiners promo codes will have to key in the codes and then discounts are generated and awarded to them.

Their promo codes are legit, and they work fast. This service also provides normal discounts to clients during different significant times. For example, when clients place their orders for the first time, they are welcomed to the service by a first time purchase discount that may reduce up to even 15% of the cost. Also, further down the road, clients are given holiday discounts during holiday seasons. Finally, as part of rewarding customer loyalty, there are referral discounts that are granted to customers when they show support by referring their service to their colleagues and friends who need it. They get a discount on their paper and also their friend’s paper.

Their Decent Bonus System and How It Works

We have now reached the bonus section of this grademiner review. Apart from discounts, Grademiners allow customers to opt for a different method of having their prices reduced. This is through the use of bonuses. Bonuses work differently as compared to Discounts. First, unlike when using a discount, a bonus is used for future papers. Grademiner bonuses are given when clients make successive orders. Once you make a successive order, you are granted a 5% bonus. This bonus is credited to your account. The bonus represents a portion of real money that a client is supposed to use to pay for an order. However, clients cannot withdraw bonuses as real money. So, here is how the system works: If for example, a client makes four successive orders, they will have their 20% worth of bonuses. This client, therefore, has a choice of whether to use this bonus to pay for part of their next order or even continue collecting more bonuses so that they will be able to pay for an order using bonuses only. Grademiners bonus system is incredible since it can allow customers to place orders using bonuses only and then complete the payments later on.

Secure Payment Methods

One of the features that makes grade miner safe is that they use secure and trusted payment modes with their clients. This service understands how crucial a step payment is, and therefore they take the right initiatives in ensuring that client money is safe when they are transacting with them. These modes include the likes of MasterCard, Visa, Pay pal and Discover card. These methods are safe when it comes to protecting client information. Clients are therefore free to make transactions without fear of their details getting into the wrong hands. Also, Grademiners contribute to ensuring the safety of client information by securing client data against any unauthorized entries. These methods used are reliable and ensure smooth transactions.

Furthermore, they ensure that transactions are fast and therefore clients can place urgent orders without having to wait too long for the work to begin. These modes of payment also go further in protecting the interests of its parties involved. For example, Pay pal will sometimes negotiate with writing services for refunds on behalf of clients since they have the upper hand. Therefore clients can be protected from some malicious services that wrongfully deny refunds.

Fair Refunds Policy

Reports from various reviews will indicate that they have one of the best refunds policies for their clients. They are willing to accept when they make mistakes that will lead to clients asking for refunds. There are services out there that are very stubborn when it comes to giving clients their money back in cases where it is deserved. These services tend to delay by trying to convince clients to have revisions done instead of refunds. Since the revisions periods are limited, they will go ahead to try and convince clients to have even more charged revisions done. This is quite unfair to clients. Grademiners ensures that its clients’ needs come first.

Their refunds policy is great because it allows clients to refunds based on the following reasons. For one, if a client’s specifications or instructions were not followed by the writers, they are entitled to refunds. This service will also grant refunds based on the quality of the work. If the delivered work does not fulfill the requirements or happens to be below the academic standards provided, the client will be allowed a refund. Grademiners will also give refunds in the cases of cancellations of orders and also in case the clients fail to download their papers.

Place Your Order and Ascertain their Competence

The different reviews on might support a client’s decision to procure services from the service. However, this does not mean that clients should trust blindly. If this grade miners review has not managed to convince you of their proficiency as a writing service, it is fine. As a client, you have the right to be doubtful of some of the online services. This is because there are genuine services and there are frauds who aim at getting your money. So, how can you be sure about grademiners? It’s simple, place your order and be the judge of the service yourself. This is the best way to be sure that you will be able to trust them with your work.

Placing your order will also help to rid you of any worries while you wait for the work to be completed since you will be already convinced that they can deliver the quality you need. So, place an order, observe their service while taking notes of how you are treated as a customer through every step. Besides, check the quality of the work produced. If they do well on your test, you have found good service, if not you will have evaded a crisis. So, place your order to verify.

Reasons to choose Grademiners – The best paper writing service in the US.

This grade miner review has provided some important insight into why they are the best in the business. Let us revisit some of the reasons you should trust them with your paper.

  • They will always deliver on time.
  • They can handle urgent orders for papers.
  • The service deals with work from over 50 different subjects
  • Their prices are reasonable, and they have promotions and discounts
  • They guarantee clients confidentiality
  • They have a refund policy based on quality
  • Well-qualified native writers offer the service
  • They have ten years of experience in this business

So, visit their site and even place your order. This service can be relied on.