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When seeking essay writing services, most students struggle to look for the right company to hire. This mostly happens when you don’t have friends who used these services in the past. Sometimes, you may hear about a company, but the information you get may not be sufficient. In this review, I will answer the question is legit? In a nutshell, the company is legit, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs help with essays. I will review the website giving reasons why I would advise you and your friends to hire them for your next assignment.

About – Does Work?

Getessay has been a very reliable essay writing service for me. Therefore, if you are asking yourself, Get Essay is it reliable? It is a reliable writing service you can seek help from any time without fear. The organization offers academic writing service to students who do not have enough time to read, write, who also work and have a life at the same time. The organization understands the needs of students. For example, the organization understands that writing essays may be hard and time-consuming. Therefore, Getessay comes to the rescue for students who have given up on writing essays by themselves.

Students who also want to present essays that are written professionally also seek help from Getessay. For example, international students who do not have a good command of the English language turn to this company for help. Having used this service several times, I can tell you that the organization has writers who are proficient in English and are experts in various fields. They can help students who have essay writing needs. The organization offers essay writing help in a wide range of subjects. The organization can handle essays in business, management, sociology, psychology, geography, earth science and many more. I have ordered essays in various subjects from them, and all the delivered papers were excellent. If you have a paper in any of these or other subjects, the organization can handle it depending on the topic. As opposed to other firms that promise to handle papers in both simple and complex subjects and then fail to deliver, Getessay has both the resources and experience to manage and deliver such essays.

The organization promises customers essays that fulfill the following characteristics:

  • Original

The organization promises to write original papers that are free from plagiarism. Get Essay review from past clients shows that the organization keeps its words on delivering original papers.

  • Written professionally

While some companies promise that they deliver professionally written papers, and then they disappoint, Get Essays keeps their word. The organization employs writers with high academic achievements. These writers can fulfill this promise by the company; hence Get Essays is reliable.

  • Shows a fresh point of view on a current topic

Some companies promise originality in thoughts and ideas, but they end up rewriting what has already been written before. I used such services before and realized that they were not creative at all when writing essays. However, if you were asking is Get Essay reliable, I can assure you that it is a reliable writing service.

  • Papers of the specified length

Getessay legit company writes papers based on the specified length. For example, once I ordered a paper that needed 2000 words. The organization guaranteed that they would deliver a paper with this word count and when I received my essay, they had fulfilled their promise. In fact, the organization adds a few more sentences on top of the required length while ensuring that they do not break any rules.

One of the special things about Getessay is that the organization has a responsive customer service that operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. Getessay reviews indicate that the organization has one of the best customer service department. Even when I called them at midnight, there was always someone to answer my calls.

Simple Website Design

Getessay is an organizations with a classic, simple and easy to maneuver website design. Since I value simple designs, I would say the organization’s website design is one of the simplest for anyone to use. First, the website has a self-explanatory menu. When I first visited it, the menu caught my attention because it had everything I needed. If I needed to check the price of an order, I just needed to click the prices option on the menu. If I needed to order a paper, all I needed to do was click on the order option on the menu, and I was taken to the ordering form. Since the first time I visited the site, I have been ordering from the company because of a good service.

Another thing I loved about the organization’s website design is the simplicity of the order page. I had heard a few Getessay reviews from some friends, but I believed their word only after visiting the website by myself. The special thing about the order page is that you do not need to create an account on the site before ordering your paper. I loved the fact that all you have to do is fill in details of your paper and when you complete the ordering process, they send your login details to your email. I have not always been a fan of websites where you have to go through the hectic process of signing up before getting the service I want. However, with this website, the process was easy and enjoyable. I also liked the fact that when ordering, there is a section to input every detail such as subject, number of pages, academic level and deadline. When I logged in to the site, these details were displayed on the orders in progress section. This made it easy to track the progress of papers that I had ordered from the site. Services – a Wide Range of Services

Getessay has a wide range of services that they offer to their customers. Get Essay services include writing book reports, dissertations, reports, bibliographies and more. When you visit the website and scroll up to the bottom of the homepage, you will find a list of services that the company offers. The website has listed these services in a way that you can spot whether the service you want is available. However, the website’s services are not limited to those listed at the footer. The best thing to do if you want a specific service is to talk to the customer service department. You may do this by chatting with them or calling them, using the number that is indicated on the website’s header. I once needed help with an outline, and instead of asking them whether they can help, I kept thinking that there is no way they would offer this as a service. Later, I asked the customer support team, and they said that this is one of their main services. After getting help when I thought it was impossible, I advise everyone to ask the support team on the website if they offer certain services instead of jumping into the wrong conclusions.

How to Place Order

The process of placing an order at Getessay is simple and easy. In fact, this is one of the things that has enabled me to be loyal to the company from the first time I ordered my first paper. Once you visit the website, you can start ordering your paper immediately. The website’s homepage has a place order button that you can click, and it will take you directly to the ordering page. Alternatively, you may click on the order page on the menu that shows up on the homepage, and the process will remain the same.

As I stated earlier, the ordering form is straightforward because all you need is to fill in the various details. The calculator immediately informs you of the price that you will pay for your paper. I will discuss the company’s prices in the Get Essay prices review section. After filling in all the details and confirming the price you need to pay, the next step is paying for your paper. I appreciate the fact that the company gives you a chance to pay through PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. The next step of the ordering process is receiving your login details on your email as you wait for the company to assign your paper to a proficient writer. You can log in to your account using these details and provide more materials to your writer. The benefit is that once a writer is working on your paper, you can communicate with the person directly. So, if you need an update, you can inbox your writer directly instead of informing the customer support to ask to do it for you. A writer can also speak to you directly in case he or she needs some clarification. Once I order a paper from Getessay, I ensure that I check my messages often so that I don’t miss important information from both the writer and Getessay support. Writers – Highly Educated and Professional

Get Essay writers to have the experience to write essays on various topics and subjects. All the writers that did my papers had a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from native English-speaking countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. As mentioned earlier, the writers were able to handle papers on various topics and subjects. The organization states that each writer specializes in writing papers that fall in their subject of specialization. The writers also have experience in handling various types of papers such as article critiques, thesis, argumentative papers, bibliographies, and reports.

One thing I learned to appreciate about the company is that their writers are trained about formatting styles. Even if most writers know how to format papers in various styles, the organization keeps them updated about changes taking place in the industry. For example, when the APA style is updated, the company immediately informs writers about the new changes. Therefore, the organization’s writers are always updated about formatting. If you hire the firm, review for indicates that you should not worry about formatting at all.

Making Changes into a Completed Work

According to Get Essay reviews, you should be comfortable asking the organization to make changes to your completed essay. The organization and writers were happy to make changes that I needed within a few days after the paper was completed. It was really calming to find that they never complained about making changes at the time I needed the revision. Therefore, with this organization, you are Getessay safe meaning that you are safe to ask for genuine revisions after your paper is completed. All you have to do is to be clear about the changes that you need, and they will do it. Plagiarism Free Policy

When looking for a paper writing service, you definitely want to be assured that the paper will be original. This is the most critical thing when looking for an essay writing company as it determines your future life in college. Failing to adhere to the rule of plagiarism free papers may put your future at risk. Most universities indicate that they may suspend you or expel you completely if you do not submit original papers. Get essay rating indicates that the organization is one of the most respected for delivering 100% original papers.

The organization has invested in software that helps in counterchecking papers to ensure they are original. The software detects plagiarism in any paper that is delivered by the company’s writers. This happens before you receive the final paper in your inbox. Since writers understand this rule and they fear to be suspended by the management if they deliver copied work, they strive hard to deliver papers without plagiarism. With knowledge of various referencing formats, the company’s writers know how to avoid plagiarism. Therefore, even if you are using promo codes, you may be sure that you will get a plagiarism free paper no matter how much you pay for it.

Communication and Customer Service: Responsive and Friendly Customer Service

One thing you learn to appreciate when you work with the company is the reliability of customer service and prompt communication. When I first visited the website, I found a chat button at the bottom right corner. On clicking the button, I was immediately informed that I could ask any questions I want. I asked everything I wanted, and the person who was in charge of the system replied quickly giving me all the information that I had asked for. This was one of the signs that Getessay reliable. If you use the chat button, you can ask the customer service department anything that you want to know about their writing services. You may even ask them about Getessay promo code or Get Essay discount code. The customer service is beneficial because they can answer any question about the organization, their services, their prices, their guarantees and more. In addition to being knowledgeable, I also found them to be kind and understanding. They communicate with you in a friendly tone, and they give you all the necessary information to help end your insecurities. I would recommend the website’s customer support to anyone who needs help with essays. Testimonials from Previous Customers

Getessay has a customer review platform where clients give feedback about the service they received from the company. Usually, you would not expect this from such a company because most websites fear to display negative comments that would put off new customers. With nothing to fear, the website displays testimonials from all clients who took time to rate the website’s service. Therefore, if you are not sure about the website and would like to hear more about their services from people who have purchased them in the past, you can find this information from the Get Essay reviews section. This is different from what I found on other websites that had only one or two testimonials listed on the homepage. I was never sure whether these testimonials were genuine reviews because I found them to be questionable. After using the website’s services, I recommended them to my friends. My friends agreed that reading reviews on Get Essay boosted their confidence in the company. If you analyze, keenly, you will note that almost all the reviews are positive. Most of the previous customers indicated that they loved the confidentiality of the website. Others rated the quality of papers they received highly, and some of them said that they received a good grade in the papers they ordered from the website.

Confidentiality- Get essay Guarantees 100% Confidentiality of Customer’s Personal Information

Getessay guarantees full confidentiality of customers’ information. First, the company maintains the client’s personal details in a secure database that is only accessible to the website’s senior administrators. I believe this because having used the website’s services regularly, and I have never had a case where my personal information was violated. In fact, I once asked the customer support about the measures they had put in place to ensure 100% confidentiality of my information, and once they assured me, I stopped worrying about fraud. The customer support assured me that not even their writers have access to any customer’s personal details. You can communicate with one or more writers who are working on your papers on the website, and they will never know your name, number or email address. Once I was also assured about the confidentiality in payment, I felt at peace. With the many fraudulent companies on the internet, it has always been a bother when paying for goods or services online. However, with the assurance that this company cannot be called a scam, one feels at peace to order essays from the website every time. I admit that the assurance of confidentiality has also contributed to my loyalty to the company. If you care about the privacy of your information and you need essays written for you, you ought to use Getessay writing services. Prices Review

The company’s prices both realistic and affordable compared to others. The calculation of pricing of orders is one of the things that made me write this review. The calculation of the amount you are supposed to pay varies with the subject, deadline, the number of pages and type of paper. I consider this to be one of the fairest things about Getessay because it differentiates pricing for a simple paper from that of a technical paper such as a dissertation. If I need a simple paper with an extended deadline, I don’t need to pay the same as someone ordering a technical paper with a deadline of a few hours. Therefore, if you are asking what is Getessay doing to ensure that they are fair to customers, you have your answer. The company’s pricing policy is transparent because, on the website, there is a page dedicated to prices online. On this page, you can be able to estimate the amount you will pay for your paper before ordering. Compared to other sites where you may place your order without knowledge of their pricing and be surprised later when you are charged a surprising amount, I would prefer to use Getessay, and I would recommend the website to my friends and everyone else. Promo Code

In addition to fair prices, the website offers Getessay discounts. The site uses Getessay coupon codes that customers have to use to enjoy their discounts. I enjoy these discounts because once I know the coupon code that the organization is using, I just use it when ordering. When you input the discount code, the calculator automatically reduces the cost of your paper by the amount or the percent indicated on the discount code. Therefore, when you proceed to checkout, the system charges you for the discounted paper. Having used the organization’s discounts regularly, I can say that it has helped me to save a lot. The savings I receive on one order help me to be able to order the next paper or shop for other things that I want online. Being a student who does not have enough a lot of money, this has saved me a lot, and it has made my studies easy. If you are stuck with essays because you think you cannot afford to pay for them, you should try Get Essay coupon. When you experience the website’s discounts, your life in college will be more comfortable.

How Bonus System Works

Getessay also has an amicable bonus system. This unique feature of the website also prompted me to write this review because I felt like everyone needed to know about it. The website’s bonus system works like the promo codes. However, the difference is that instead of receiving discounts on your paper, you earn points. The website gives you points that reflect in your account. You can view the number of points you have earned when by logging in to your account because they send you a notification. The points you earn equal to 5% of the price that you pay for your order. Once you gather enough points, you can redeem them in the future by ordering another paper. I found this to be an interesting feature because it helps you to save more on top of the discounts that you have already enjoyed. By using points to order a paper, you minimize the number of times you have to use your credit card online. As a person who disliked getting out my credit card whenever I have to make an order online, I am attached to the website’s bonus system.

Payment Methods- Variety of Payment Methods for All Customers

When shopping online, you want to shop on websites that have a variety of payment methods so you can use the one that suits you. It would be disappointing to visit a website, love their products and services, and then when you want to make a purchase, and you find that they have only one method of payment. Since I have been frustrated a few times in the past, I thought this is a crucial piece of information to indicate in this Getessay review. When I order papers on the website, I am asked to pay either using Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. Whenever I have cash on my Mastercard, I use it to pay, and since I also use PayPal, I can pay with it when my card runs out of cash. If you prefer using either one of these payment methods, you can do it comfortably. Also, if you have more than one of these and would like the freedom to use any of them when one runs out of cash, this system of payment is also favorable. You will find this information in all reviews that you come across.

Fair and Honest Refund Policy

Getessay website has an honest refund policy. Sometimes, you may order a paper, and within a few hours or a day, your professor changes the instructions. In this case, you start wondering whether asking for a refund is the best option. You may fear to ask for a refund for fear of being disappointed with the news that you cannot get a refund of your money. If your paper’s instructions are changing, you may not have to fear about asking for a refund because you just need to update the new instructions. What if your professor cancels the whole paper? In this case, you have no option but to ask for your money back. Having read a Get Essay review from a friend in the past, I was confident to ask for a refund when I faced such an issue. My management professor canceled the assignment a few hours after I had placed the order. Surprisingly, the company did not even complain about my request. Once I explained to the support team, and they understood my case, they immediately canceled the paper and refunded my money. If you don’t want to be frustrated when you face a similar situation like mine, you should use this website because their refund policy is fair.

Place Your Own Order to Check the Quality

Having read my review, you should place your first order to gain your own experience. As stated earlier, the ordering process is one of the simplest mainly because of the simple website design. Therefore, this will be an easy process for you because you already have an idea of what to expect. This is unlike someone else who orders from the website without a single idea about how things work and what to expect. If there is something you are not sure about, contact the customer service department, and they will be happy to help. Their 24-hour availability means that you can contact them any time during the day or even in the night if you need help urgently. By placing your order, you will understand why I praised the company’s writers earlier. You will get firsthand experience of their efficient communication and their ability to deliver quality papers. In addition to this, you will have a first-hand experience of using the company’s promo codes and bonus points. I believe this will save you a lot and you will be able to make orders in the future without fearing that they may cost too much.

Reasons to Choose – Best Paper Writing Service in the US.

The bottom line is that love ordering papers from Getessay because of various reasons. I have discussed most of them in this review that answers the question, is Getessay trustworthy? The following is a summary of the reasons why you should choose

  • The website has qualified writers who maintain professionalism throughout.
  • The website can handle various types of papers such as reports and thesis.
  • The website has affordable prices that are complemented by discounts and bonuses.
  • You can contact the customer service department at any time, and they will be happy to answer your questions.

The ordering process is simple, fast and secure.