Expert Writers Review 2019

Expert Writers Review 2019: About Expert Writers

This Expert Writer review will provide you with all the information you need to know about this writing service company. Students are often searching for the right company to assist them with their assignments. However, most students have fallen prey to plenty of online scam companies which lure them with cheap rates and false promises which they never fulfill. As time goes, it will even be difficult to know the right company because there has been an increase in writing companies which leaves students confused. When I decided to check out, I was fascinated by their services, and that’s when I decided to write this Expert Writer review to help students out there.

What is Expert Writer? Expert Writers a good service company that provides homework assistance to students. They have been in the industry for years, and they’ve managed to help plenty of students. They offer academic writing solution that is rare to find. The company has hired a team of professional writers who assist students in the best way, and they produce quality essays fast and conveniently. They have plenty of guarantees and benefits.

Some of their guarantees include;

  • Excellent papers – They have proficient writers who are well capable of producing the best essay for customers. Therefore, this guarantees customers good points on their papers.
  • They’ve been in the industry for years and have managed to gather writers who are experienced in different subjects. You are guaranteed that your paper will be handled by a professional who is experienced in your subject.
  • They offer affordable rates. Through their affordable rates, you are guaranteed that you will save some money when making an order from them.
  • They offer a free plagiarism check to all customers. We are going to discuss this later on.
  • They guarantee unlimited revisions on your paper. If you receive a paper which you are not fully satisfied with, you are allowed to ask for free revisions within 14 to 30 days.

Expert Writers fraud stories are all lies. The company has managed to maintain a good reputation for themselves over the years that they’ve been operating. They cater to their customers very well. They have a reliable Expert Writers support team which is available 24/7. That shows how much they value their customers. You can reach out to them in case you have any questions about their services. Customers also get Expert writers discounts which are offered to both new and loyal customers. The discounts are meant to help you save some money when you’re ordering your paper. There is no denying the fact that the company stands out from others in the market. Below we are going to explore more about the design of their website and other important information later on.

Expert Writer Review – Design

This Expert Writers Reviews design will explore their website design and how users can be able to use it without much strain. The design of a website is a fundamental part that determines whether customers are comfortable using their services or not. The design of a website needs to be well put and thought-out to help customers navigate when looking through the company’s information efficiently. Luckily, the website of Expert Writers has been well designed and is quite user-friendly. When you log in to the website, you are greeted with the first view of excellence by how colorful the site is, and how easily you can see all the information.

On the home webpage, you can see all the tabs which include the About Us, Services, Contact, among others. You can easily move from one page to the other without much strain. All the information on each page is quite visible and clear, and it has been written with good grammar. You are also able to see the order button which when you click will take you to the order form where you’re supposed to fill in details of your order. Now I clearly understand why Expert Writer rating is so high. Not only are their services excellent, but their website is also very convenient. Their site is also very responsive to all devices. You can use it conveniently on your mobile phone, tablet, and PC and you won’t even see any difference. All the information is there on the homepage. You can see details on how to make an order, the testimonials of customers, the types of services they offer, the various payment methods which are allowed on the site, the live chat feature, among many other things. I would give huge thumbs up to their website design as it is quite convenient for users.

Expert Writer Review – Is Expert Writers Reliable?

Is Expert Writers scam? Absolutely not! The company is quite excellent, and they are among the best writing service company in the industry. They offer plenty of services to customers, and they have professionals qualified for the job. Some of the services they offer include;

  • Essay writing
  • Thesis writing
  • Term paper writing
  • Case study writing
  • Homework writing
  • Coursework writing
  • Assignment writing
  • Dissertation
  • Business plan
  • Article writing
  • Book review/report
  • Research paper writing
  • Rewriting
  • Scholarship essay writing

Expert Writer safe services are top-notch, and they make sure their customers are completely satisfied. When I ordered a paper from them, I was perplexed by their professionalism and how fast I received the essay. I wanted to test their urgent order services, and they didn’t let me down. I ordered an urgent assignment with a deadline of 6 hours, and I received it on time.

What’s more, I went on to get a good grade on that paper proving that they do have professional writers working for them. In the recent few months that I’ve ordered papers from them, I’ve never been disappointed. The papers are always delivered on time. Their support team is always ready to answer any of my questions or solve any issue that I may have. One time I had to reach out to their support team for them to help me revise my paper which I had ordered a week before. They responded quite fast and managed to help me with the issue. The paper was revised within 24 hours, and I was able to turn it in before the set deadline.

Expert Writer Review: How to Place Order

When it comes to placing an order for a paper, most students find it hard to know the right way to do so. The reason is that most companies make it difficult for customers to order papers due to their ordering process, which is quite complex. The ordering process needs to be simple and one that any person can be able to use with much ease. Luckily, Expert Writers has a very simple ordering process for their customers. All you have to do is log in to their site and look for the order button then follow the steps that we’ll outline below. You can order your paper with just a few clicks of a button, and within a few minutes, you’re done. Check the ordering process below.

  1. When you log in to the site, look for the order button and click on it.
  2. You will be taken to the order form. The order form contains all the details you need to provide for the order to help the writer.
  3. Fill in all the details of the paper.
  4. Provide the subject and title of the essay.
  5. You are supposed to give all the requirements of your tutor or the way you want the paper to be written, in case there aren’t any instructions from your tutor.
  6. Provide the number of references you want the writer to include in the paper.
  7. Provide the number of pages that you need.
  8. Once you are done, you will see the amount of money you’re supposed to pay for the order.
  9. Proceed to deposit the various payment methods that they offer.
  10. Relax and wait for the paper to be delivered.
  11. You will get your paper and if there any issues you can request them for a free revision.
  12. If the paper is good, you can leave them an honest review about the services you received.

Another great thing about ordering a paper from this company is that you don’t need to register an account with them to make your first order. All they require from you is your email address.

Expert Writers Writers – About Their Writers

The increase of online writing companies has brought about stiff competition, and if you do not offer quality services to your customers, then you are doing the wrong thing. A good company is supposed to offer professional writers to help customers achieve academic excellence. The good thing is that Expert Writers has some of the most experienced professionals in the market. The company has a very strict hiring process which makes sure they employ only qualified writers to work for them. They have various tests which every writer must go through and pass to be considered for the position.

Writers who fail this test are not considered for the job. That is what has made the company stand out over the years. They look for qualified professionals to provide students with high-quality papers. They believe every customer deserves the best and they’ve strived to make sure all their customers end up happy. Not all companies operate by these kinds of values. The company has writers who have Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s and even some of the writers have Ph.Ds. So, is Expert Writers trustworthy? The answer to that question is a resounding yes! You can trust that the company has what it takes to serve you right.

Expert Writers Reviews – Making Changes into a Completed Work

Nothing is ever perfect and even your assignment done by professionals from Expert Writers is no exception. A good company is supposed to offer the right solution when it comes to making changes if a customer requires them. Most students had ended up in tears after hiring the services of a scam company who failed to revise their papers when they needed that. However, the case is different when you are dealing with this company. When I ordered my third paper from them, I found that there were a few issues which I needed to be revised. I reached out to their support team who were very much willing to help. I got help and submitted an excellent paper which got some good marks.

Expert Writers Plagiarism Free

One of the Expert Writer services is free plagiarism checker. We all know how crucial it is to submit a non-plagiarized paper. Scam companies online don’t care about this and most often deliver plagiarized papers to their customers who end up failing in their assignments. That’s why you need to make sure that you choose a company that offers the right services such as Expert Writers which offers a free plagiarism report. With this kind of service, you are guaranteed that you will get a unique paper that hasn’t been copied from elsewhere. The company makes sure to screen all the papers done by their writers before submitting the work to their clients.

It is quite rare to find such a company that cares so much about their customers’ well-being other than just their money. There are many online writing companies whose main objective is to get money from you. Expert Writer writing service has proven to be outstanding just in the way they cater to their clients and how efficient they are with everything that they offer. When I checked on other offers that they provide, I found that they offer not only free plagiarism checker but also other services which you would pay for in other companies.

Expert Writer Review – Communication and Customer Service

Expert Writer customer service is quite reliable. Most scam companies don’t provide the right customer support required. It is difficult to find a good company that is responsive to issues raised by its customers. Nowadays, companies are out to get money and caring about their customers is almost the last thing they think about. If you are looking for a good company make sure you choose a company that has several communication channels which you can use to reach out to them in case you encounter an issue. A company without several communication methods is not the right fit, and you might end up in tears if you get any issues with your paper.

The good news is that Expert Writers is different and unique. They have various methods you can use to reach out to their support team. The methods include support email address, live chat feature, and a phone number which is included at the top of the website homepage. The live chat feature is where you can communicate with a support agent fast and is available 24/7. You can use their support email address which is also available on the contact page. I love their support team because they are very friendly and always ready to help in case there’s any problem. What’s more, they are available any time which means you can even ask for help in the middle of the night and you are assured you will be assisted.

Expert Writers Testimonials: Expert Writers Reviews from Customers

You can find several Expert Writer testimonials from previous customers on their website. Once you login to the site you are greeted with plenty of information. You can see several tabs at the top of the homepage, which when you click, will take you to different pages. You can also see how you can make an order and other details. When you scroll down, you can see reviews from different clients about how they were served. On the website, you can see that 98% of their clients are satisfied with the orders that were delivered to them.

It is also seen that most of the customers are satisfied and happy with the services that they got from the company. What I saw is that most of the customers are happy with two things. One of the things is that they are happy with the professionalism of the company, and the second thing is that they are happy with the quality of the paper they got. There aren’t any reviews from unhappy customers. Therefore, I think that the company can be trusted and judging by the fact that I’ve ordered several papers from them and never been disappointed confirms the trustworthy statement.

Reviews on Expert Writers Confidentiality

When it comes to confidentiality, the company does it way better, and you don’t have to worry about anything. It is understandable that you would want your real identity kept hidden and that is what Expert Writers does. Their privacy policy states that your data is kept safe and won’t be shared with third parties. Personal data, in this case, include your email address, phone number, your IP address, login information, the browser type, and version. They also collect your birthday details to send you discount offers. None of this information will be shared with anyone. They have a strong security system that safeguards your data.

They use the HTTPS website security protocol which is well known to be advanced and protects websites against online malicious attacks from hackers. The rise of malicious attacks has greatly risen and choosing a company that provides the right security to its customers is essential to making sure you are in safe hands. When you sign up for an account with Expert Writers, no one will know your real identity. Even when you make an order, no one knows who you are. Your real identity is kept hidden the same with the writer who will handle your work. Therefore, the company guarantees you 100% confidentiality.

Expert Writers Prices Review – All About Their Prices

Expert Writers legit rates are quite affordable. The online writing service industry has turned out to have high competition which has forced many companies to lower their prices to beat their competitors and win more clients. In as much as this sounds advantageous to customers, the truth is that it poses a huge risk. Most companies that have lowered their prices have ended up disappointing clients. Cheap is always expensive as the saying goes, which is why as a customer you need to be extremely careful and avoid rushing to hire cheaper services as most of them compromise quality with their cheap rates.

You need to choose a company that is well balanced and offers sensible rates, and one that has a good reputation for providing quality content. Expert Writer prices are reasonably low when you consider the fact that they provide quality papers. They charge per page of 275 words, and the rates differ depending on the type of paper you want and level of education – whether high school, college, undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. Of course for high school, the rates are quite low, and they go upwards with the level. They charge a bit higher for doctorate papers, although this is understandable.

Expert Writers Promo Codes for Customers

How does Expert Writers work when it comes to promotional codes? As a customer, you can be given an Expert Writer promo code to help you save some money when making a new order. The company offers both new and loyal customers promo codes as a sign of appreciation. Although there are also other companies that have these kinds of offers for their customers, the one at Expert Writers is unmatched. Many benefits come from the promo codes offered, and customers should take advantage of that more often. Promotional codes are alphanumeric strings which are offered by most online stores to the customer to encourage them to buy more.

In this case, Expert Writers is encouraging you to order more and keep on saving money when making orders. Promotional codes tend to differ from one company to the other. The offers are not always the same, and you, therefore, need to check with the company and see how much they are offering you when making an order. When I was making my first order, I got an Expert Writers discount code which I used on order and managed to save a few dollars. There is also a loyalty program which is included in the company for regular customers. We are going to talk about this below.

Expert Writers Reviews – How Bonus System Works at Expert Writers

Expert Writers uses a discount system which they use to reward their customers. Here’s how Expert Writer discounts system works; you earn 10% of your total bill and points per currency unit. This is after you make your first order. These points accumulate in the credit balance which you can use in your future purchases. The credit balance is an account that is used to store all your points. You should note that these points cannot be refunded to you. After the points are added or activated in your credit balance, they are only valid for 9 months.

Therefore, you need to make an order within those stipulated 9 months to save your points. If you don’t utilize those points within the 9 months, they will be withdrawn from the credit balance, and you won’t be able to recover them. Normally, the company informs you a month before they withdraw the points from the credit balance. You earn points according to the basis of your order, and this excludes discount that has been applied. You also earn 5% of every order you make later on which is also added to your credit balance. Therefore, I would advise you to utilize the points you earn to avoid them getting expired.

Expert Writers Reviews on Payment Methods

Expert Writer is it reliable when it comes to payment methods? The answer to this simple question is yes! The company has a variety of payment methods which can be used by their customers. They collaborate with PayPal, Visa credit and debit card, Master debit and credit card, Discover card, and American Express. These are some of the safest payment methods online. The internet poses a huge risk, especially when it comes to making money transactions online. Therefore, you need to make sure you choose a company that has implemented safe ways to pay for their services like Expert Writers.

When I was making my payment on their site for the several orders that I’ve made, I used v3 of the methods outlined above and found them to be quite safe. The methods are also very fast, you can pay within minutes, and your order will be assigned to a professional to handle it. This was very convenient for me, especially because at one time I had a very urgent order. Thanks to the efficient payment methods that they offer, I was able to pay for the order fast, and it was done within 6 hours. So, is Expert Writer reliable when we are talking about payment methods? I would say that they are fully reliable.

Review for Expert Writer Refund Policy

The company has a refund policy which we are going to discuss below.

They offer a 14-day money back guarantee to customers who place an order of a paper that has less than 20 pages. For clients who order a paper of more than 20 pages, they are offered 30-day money back guarantee. The refund period begins on the date of your order’s deadline and expires after the stipulated period according to the number of pages for your paper. The company also allows its customers to request for a refund in case they are not fully satisfied with the services they receive. There is an extended period for the refund period of up to 180 days in case you confirm any plagiarism in your order.

Clients are entitled to a 30% refund in case the company or compensation cancel their order to the bonus balance of up to 100%. If you cancel an order, you will get a full refund, but the funds will be debited back to your account within 5 to 7 business days. This is from the time you canceled the order. There are also unique reasons as to why customers may request a refund from the company. The company states that they may require documented proof which shows that your order is low.

Best Professional Services: Place Your Order to Check the Quality

So, is Expert Writers legit? You would have to place your order to check on the experience and if they keep their promises. From my personal experience and also those that I’ve recommended who went ahead to use their services, I would say they offer excellent custom writing services. You can about their benefits and how efficient they are once you start using their services. There is no doubt that the site was built to cater for students conveniently and help them achieve academic success. They give access to plenty of benefits such as free support, free plagiarism checker, and they also have a Quality Assurance Department which checks on every work done by their writers.

Their main objective is to make sure they deliver quality services to their customers. If you want to improve your grades, then they are the best option to consider out there. The struggle to do all your assignments is over, thanks to Expert Writers. They offer excellent services, guaranteed quality papers, affordable rates, discounts, and bonuses, among many other features. You are also able to place an order fast and pay with much ease. What’s more, they have highly qualified writers who will handle your work and help you turn in a well-written paper.

Reasons to Choose Expert Writers – Best Paper Writing Service in the US

There are plenty of reasons to choose this company. They have many benefits which make them the right fit. Here are some of the reasons to choose them;

  • Expert Writer coupon – They offer Expert Writers coupon codes to the customer to help them save money when making an order.
  • They cover a wide range of subjects – They have a huge team of writers who are experienced in different fields.
  • No signup required
  • They deliver work fast
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Secure payment methods for customers
  • Qualified writers
  • They offer money-back guarantee
  • They provide free revisions to customers
  • They have years of experience

Are you in need of homework help? Then go ahead and hire their services today. Don’t be afraid to seek their help. They are quite reliable. Order their services today.