Essay Company Review 2019

Our Attested Essay Company Review 2019

Is Essay Company a good service? We aim to provide a detailed answer to this question so that you can make the right choice. With this Essay Company review, we will determine whether this service is genuine and whether students should entrust their services to them.

Basics About Does the Service Work Well?

What is This is an online writing service that provides professional assistance with academic tasks. They have been in the writing market for more than five years. How does Essay Company work? The procedure is similar to any other writing service. A client makes their order for a paper, pays for it and then receives it as a downloadable file. Is Essay Company legit? This depends on the meaning taken. This company provides the services they promise to clients, unlike other sites that are disguised as such a service to scam students out of their money. Essay-Company is it reliable? Students in general usually have a great amount of work to cover in their academics. Sometimes they do need assistance with some of the tasks they are assigned. For example, sometimes one does not have the time to write those essays or papers.

Some students need help because they struggle with language or even having trouble with writing. Having very strict and impossible deadlines will also make a student seeking assistance. Therefore, they will have to seek out professionals who are easily found online with writing services. However, some cannot be trusted. So far there has not been any report of an Essay Company fraud going on, and therefore this service is genuine. So, how is Essay-Company rating among its competitors? This service is ranked among the top of its kind. They are quite famous for their essays, and they provide writing services to clients all over the world. This company has greatly developed over the years they have been around to the point of being able to fulfill at least 150 client orders daily. They have amazing professional writers to handle these orders.

Furthermore, their service is available for 24 hours. The main feature that makes reliable is the fact that they care about their clients. Their writers follow the instructions that users provide strictly and are always willing to work with the customers to provide the quality of papers clients need. Besides, there are amazing discounts that help clients with some of the payment burdens. This service also protects its user’s interests by having a refund policy and also providing free revisions to clients papers. Also, their methods of payment are safe and reliable. In this Essay Company review, we use experience with the service to show what potential clients should expect.

There are different aspects of the service included in this Essay-Company review, for example, their design, the quality, refunds policy, customer service and also the general process of acquiring their services. So by the end of this review, you should be able to answer the questions comfortably “Is trustworthy? Can I trust them with my paper?” So, use this review on the various aspects of their service to help you decide whether the company deserves to be trusted with your academic needs.

The Efficiency of the Design of the Company’s Website

In this design review for Essay Company, the first thing we need to analyze is the general outlook. On the first side, you will realize that this website is very inviting. They have managed to make it capable of attracting a person’s attention very easily. According to different reviews on Essay-Company, their website has one of the best designs for such a service. They have ensured that clients can find every piece of information they need before placing order easily. The different sections of the website have been carefully and placed so that even when a potential client is in a hurry, you can find what you are looking for with ease. Navigation on this website is also very easy as all the buttons that lead to their different pages are well placed.

From the top, the first component they have is their phone number so that they are easily reachable. Below I, different buttons take you to some other pages that clients might have to open before making their decision for example; prices, samples, how they work, about their service and also an FAQ section. This provides many conveniences since you will not have to spend much time scrolling down to find the information you need.

One of the most critical components of their website is the cost calculator. This is well placed on the top half so that clients will calculate the possible cost of their order before deciding to place them. Further down you will find some Essay Company testimonials from previous clients which are updated real time. They have also provided a clear list of all the papers and subjects they deal with to save time on inquiries. On the overall, their design is simple and still convenient.

The Services Essay Company Offers

Apart from essay writing as their name would suggest there are other services that they offer to clients. They deal with papers for over 50 subjects with the most common ones being: mathematics, biology, business management, Engineering, English, social sciences, journalism, health sciences, economics, and even computer sciences. Some of the other Essay-Company services include:

  • Proofreading services. They have professionals to analyze work to correct the general mistakes in grammar, language spelling, and even punctuation.
  • Editing services. The editors analyze clients’ papers to improve the overall quality. Essential for high profile papers.
  • They will format your papers in any of the academically recognized styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard.
  • Help with power-point Presentations. They develop slides for students who intend to present their work in this form.
  • Programming and design help for students taking courses in the related fields
  • Lab reports whereby they assist students in analysis, evaluation and also tabulation
  • Providing citations for papers.

Apart from essays they also provide writing services for different papers for example term papers, research papers, annotated bibliography, book reviews, assignment writing, coursework, book reports, case studies, thesis statements, speeches and also dissertations.

How to Order Papers from Essay Company

The evaluations from different Essay-Company reviews reveal that they have a thorough and very straight forward order process. When placing an order, you first need to click Order Now on their website. You are then taken to a page that contains some details you need to fill in about your order. With their service, there are four steps. First, you enter the information on the task in the spaces provided. Here you first select the type of paper you plan to order. Then there is space for the subject of the paper and the academic level. After this, you choose the size of the paper in terms of several pages and spacing. The client is then required to provide their deadlines and choose whether they prefer a top writer for the task.

There is a cost calculator that informs you of the total cost of your order. Once this is done, they will ask for your email and phone number for communication. Step 2 is where you indicate the additional details about the paper. They even provide a section where you can drag and drop documents containing additional instructions for the tasks. In Step 3 the client selects the extra services that they might want with their order but if there is not any you only need to go to step 4. In step 4, you are supposed to make the payments for the service. You are provided with the payment options they use, and you make your choice on which applies to you. Since this is the check-out section, a client is also provided an opportunity to use an Essay-Company coupon to have their prices reduced. The most admirable quality of their service is that it does not require their clients to sign up with their website to place orders.

Top Writers are Ready to Help You

So, what do you need to know about Essay-Company writers? First, their writers are natives of the US and the UK. They are individuals who studied in these countries and have advanced levels of written and spoken English. These writers are also selected using a very strict procedure. First like any other employment company they accept the CVs and review them. Here, they weed out the best from the rest by analyzing aspects such as background, skills and values and level of education. The next step involves having the writers subjected to a proficiency test in their fields as indicated in their CVs. After showing their depth in knowledge, the successful ones are then tested with time where they are given four hours to complete a paper. Once this is done the few, who manage to make it are then undergo training for two weeks after which they are full-fledged writers. This company has over 1200 writers with advanced degrees in various fields. They have experts across over 50 subjects to handle any tough academic tasks. Essay Company reviews from different sources will all agree that their writers are highly professional and are always willing to work with clients to produce great quality work.

Making Changes to Completed Work

Sometimes students are faced with difficult situations whereby they might need changes made to completed work. For example, a student might submit a paper to their instructor, and then the instructor or the school makes changes to the instructions and then requires the student to adjust their paper to these changes. This might be daunting to the students especially those who have writing problems. Some companies have strict revision policies that do not allow changes in instructions. However, writing service allows clients to have these changes made by their writers at no extra charge, which is very commendable.

Guarantee of No Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a very risky mistake in college and higher academic levels. It might cost a student their grades in a paper and even damage their reputation as students. Therefore when a scholar is selecting a service to handle their writings, they have to be very keen on ensuring that they will ensure that there is no plagiarism in these papers. Multiple Essay-Company reviews prove that they have one of the strictest anti-plagiarism policies. They promise clients completely plagiarism-free papers which is quite incredible. First, they ensure that all the articles are done from scratch by their writers. No client is given a paper that was previously written for a previous client. Since the pieces follow some specific instructions that writers strictly adhere to, they have a high chance of uniqueness.

Furthermore, after each paper is completed, Copyscape is used to test for plagiarism. This tool detects any traces of plagiarized content from the whole internet. If there are traces detected, the work is returned to the writers for correction, and then after it passes the test, it will be delivered to the client. As a client, you can ask for a plagiarism report on your paper before delivery to ensure that your paper is entirely original.

Customer Service and Communication

Customer service is a critical aspect when selecting a company to provide a service. Here is our review on customer service. Essay company is one of the few services that go out of its way to ensure that clients get the best treatment possible. Essay Company customer service is top class. First, their customer support is 24 hours. They also ensure that they rotate the team which means that you can talk to different customer service officials in a day. These individuals are very professional when dealing with clients. They answer all the questions that clients have about the service within the least time possible, and their responses are valid. Some companies use programmed responses for their live chat, but with Essay Company, clients deal with real individuals. Their customer support team is well trained in dealing with clients. This is portrayed by how they manage to keep calm when dealing with clients. Even when clients might be rude, they will always try to make reasonable responses. Also, with this service clients are allowed to directly communicate with their writers via a chat board which aids the writing process. Clients also receive notifications on the progress of their orders via email or text messages.

They Provide All Types of Testimonials

Is safe? You can browse through their website and find out. While browsing through their website, one of the eye-catching features is the testimonials section. This service has given clients a glimpse of what to expect with their service. These minor Essay-Company reviews from previous clients contain their experiences with the service. Some of these testimonials are quite vivid and show the clients experience from the different aspects of the service. They talk about how they were treated, their experience with the writers; some even mention the revisions they had and the overall quality of the papers.

One of the admirable qualities of this service is the fact that they provide all types of testimonials. In their sites, they will have the positive as well as some negative ones. Some of the writing services out there do not allow testimonials on their websites. These are the ones students should avoid. However, currently, it has become very easy for clients to identify malicious sites. Some services have been identified as fraud by some reviews. With Essay Company one is assured of safety since there has not been any mention of an Essay Company scam going on. You can rely on their testimonials to make a decision.

Can They Ensure Confidentiality?

Is Essay-Company reliable in ensuring your confidentiality? Let us find out. Privacy is key especially to students who acquire writing help. It should not be overlooked. If an instructor or even a school comes to the proven conclusion that a student acquired professional assistance with their papers, it might not end well for the student. Some schools might categorize it as cheating, which carries hefty penalties ranging from lower grades to expulsion depending on the institution. Therefore clients have to ensure that the service they entrust their orders to cannot be traced back to them and vice versa.

Essay Company grants every client full confidentiality. First, they do not store any of client personal data. This service also ensures that client information is not accessible to any parties, inclusive of the writers. This includes names, emails, phone numbers and the details of the transactions. Also, clients are strictly advised not to reveal any personal information when communicating with their writers. The chat board is well regulated to ensure this. This service also ensures that data Is safe by making use of HTTPS to secure all their data against any unauthorized access. This service is therefore safe and reliable on this front. Prices Review

Here is our detailed Essay-Company prices review. Pricing is very important to clients. No one likes to be overcharged for a service. Therefore, clients will always seek the most reasonable prices, not too cheap or too expensive. Finding a service that is too low-cost is also very dangerous since it might be just a way to attract clients and scam them. Essay Company prices are fair and well- deserved. In their website, they provide a link specifically for their expenses. Here a client will find a table that guides them through their pricing. The prices vary according to urgency, type of paper, the academic level of the work and also the kind of service. This is great because it shows that they have thought through them and therefore each type of order will be given the attention it deserves. Essay Company also has a very standard price for its most basic paper. A college essay can only cost one 16 USD per page which is very reasonable considering the amount of quality they provide. Furthermore, clients have chances to get better deals by making use of coupon codes when placing orders. Promos and Discounts

It is always great to have the price of a product you value significantly reduced for your benefit so you can afford it. In school, a good number of students who might need these services normally do not have a lot to work with in terms of money. Their budgets might not allow for too much spending on writing services. This service understands this logic, and therefore they have introduced ways to minimize the burden on students through. Essay Company promo codes. When placing an order, a client is allowed to key in an promo code before making payments to get a discount on their paper.

Essay Company is quite generous with their discounts, and some might even go up to 15% of the total cost. This service provides discounts for different scenarios. The first is the first time discount whereby a client making their first order will get a first time order special price that is significantly lower. Then during holidays, clients will also receive holiday discounts for their papers. Also, there are referral discounts given to clients who show support by referring their services to others. The discount extends to the people they refer the service to.

Their Bonus System and How It Works

Apart from the discounts, Essay Company provides another way to make their services more affordable to clients through the use of bonuses. However, bonuses work a little differently from cuts. An Essay-Company discount code will allow a client a discount in their current paper, meaning they will pay less in that paper. The bonus system, however, is more future-oriented. For clients who know that they might frequently use a service, the bonus system is right for you. Here is how it works. For every subsequent order that a client places, writing service grants a 5% bonus. The bonus is accredited to your account. However, rewards cannot be withdrawn by clients as cash. Instead, they will act in the place of money when paying for a future order. For example, if a client makes three subsequent orders, from the service, they will be granted a 15% bonus in total. This bonus will come in handy when they place their next order since they might choose to pay for a portion of the cost using the bonus and cover the rest with their money. Their bonus system rewards loyalty and will even allow clients to place orders on bonuses alone provided the bonus is high enough.

Their Methods of Payment

One of the factors that make legit is the methods of payment they use. Payment is a very critical step in having a service fulfilled. A client needs to choose services that use payment methods that have their interests at heart. Of course, there cannot be cash involved in any writing service, so what ways are we talking about? Essay Company only trusts some of the well-known and safe methods of payment for their services. These include Visa, Master-card, Pay Pal, Discover and also American Express. These modes will ensure smooth transactions while still ensuring that client information is safe from fraudsters. They are also fast in providing that clients will have their payments made as soon as possible so that their order will be started early.

Essay Company ensures that client data is safe and also guarantees the safety and security of its clients. Clients are also able to keep good track of their transactions with these modes of payment, for just in case they might need to reference. Also, some of these methods of payment go further in protecting clients from malicious sites. A good example is Pay Pal which helps clients obtain refunds from stubborn sites.

Refund and Refund Policies reviews from various sources will reveal that their refund policy is very decent. Refunds are sometimes needed by clients due to various reasons, the most common one being the failure of the company to provide the promised services in the quality promised. However, some of these writing companies are stubborn when it comes to granting refunds. For example, there have been multiple reports of some writing services delaying the fulfillment of rebates by forcing revisions for clients work.

The work produced might have been quite below expected standards or even deadlines might have been missed to get to the point of requesting a refund. Some of these services go on to make clients acquire revisions instead repeatedly. Furthermore, the revisions might not solve the problems. With Essay Company, requesting refunds is not hectic. They will accept an error they made and grant clients refunds that are valid. Their refunds policy allows them to grant refunds for various situations. The first is if the work produced was below the academic standards specified. The second is if the customer’s specific instructions were not followed. They also grant refunds if there is a cancellation of the order or if the client fails to download their paper.

Place an Order and Verify Their Reliability

This along with other reviews have not been enough to convince you that they are the right service, there is another option. Choosing a service is a very delicate matter and requires a client to be fully engaged and to trust their instincts while making the decision. Some poor services have led to frustrations for students which contributes to the presence of more skeptics when talking about acquiring services online. Therefore, if this Essay-Company review does not quite satisfy your instincts, your next best option is to place your order and be the judge. It might be the best way when intending to entrust them with crucial papers.

So, place your order, observe the process, note how you are treated as a client and also your overall experience in terms of the customer service. Communicate with the writers and follow their responses. Once you receive your paper, check the quality and also the timing of their writers to see whether they will deliver the required task within the required deadlines. Go further and even request plagiarism report on your work. When all is done, you will be able to know whether the service can indeed be trusted. So, go ahead and place your order.

Reasons to Choose This Service

Essay Company review has indicated all that you might need to know before placing an order with their service. Therefore here is a simple recap on why they are the right service for your writing needs:

  • They are fast and deliver on time. They will complete your order within your deadline.
  • They can handle urgent orders. Their writers are capable of handling orders with close deadlines as from less than 8 hours.
  • They have a great refund policy that protects clients.
  • They have highly professional customer support.

This should be enough to help you decide on this service. Our final verdict is that they can be relied on for your academic tasks.