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Getting everything done within the exact specifications including agreed timelines is their foundational principle. While reviews from previous clients approve of the aesthetic user friendly website interfaces including the simplicity of their order placement process, there is no doubt that the company puts quality at the top of their to-do list. Every paper is an original, with a zero plagiarism guarantee.

About – Does Work? is an online essay writing solution specializing in writing, editing, proofreading and researching academic content for scholars. It has been in existence for over five years, giving it an upper hand in experience and mastery of all acceptable standards in the industry, as well as conforming to the standards of reputable academic institutions.

The company has a prime pool of about 2,000 hand-selected writers with PhDs, MBAs, and MAs. Every writer is an expert in a given discipline with a verifiable history of academic qualification and valid years of experience, solving problems within their field. These are the features you will benefit from:

  • They cover over 100 subjects to accommodate students with all manner of academic assignments.
  • All final papers are 100% plagiarism-free. They have a strict approach to dealing with all orders a quality that makes me a good service.
  • Customers receive expert level papers. All writers are well equipped with the skills and knowhow to deliver assignments according to the stated requirements.
  • Only credible sources in every paper, with proper in-text citations and references depending on the order request.
  • Strict compliance with the agreed turnaround time for all papers. All assignments have a minimum standard time of 3hours.
  • 24/7 support from the staff with multiple contact options including text message, toll-free line, and chat.
  • Free 14 day revision window with unlimited support and revision requests.
  • 100% money back guarantee for all orders that don’t meet the customer’s requirements threshold.
  • No need to sign-up for new members.

At, one enjoys vast opportunities and benefits that accrue from different offers and promotions. All revisions are permissible within a 14-30 day window, an acceptable period in most institutions. This allowance means that students can exhaustively review all the instructions from the professor against the outcome to establish full compliance on all directives. With the revisions the company offers at no extra fee, a student is guaranteed to get a paper that fully meets all their requirements and instructions for better grades. The 100% money back guarantee is a great feature that shows how the company values its customers above everything else. It is the affirmation that the customer is always right, and if they are not contented, then the refund is a valid request.

But is trustworthy? Well, the company values its customers and maintains stringent measures to ensure that all customers getting services from the company receive value for their money. As such, all the data saved with the company including personal data, information on the services provided, and the communication with the company are kept private, such that no external parties can gain access or manipulate the data. As a student who values good grades, the basic requirement for placing an order in an essay writing company is receiving plagiarized-free content. The 100% plagiarism-free content guarantees technically makes this company one of my choicest homework solution providers.

Design: Interact with Their User-Friendly Website Design

The company’s website is oddly unique in so many aspects. reviews have revealed that the site is highly attractive not only to look at but also in interaction. As a student with huge chunks of work, I try as much as possible to avoid websites with complex and confusing designs. However, the company has managed to maintain clean and direct-to-the-point interactivity, where only necessary information is found on the landing page of their website. While most students will appreciate the extent of opportunities the website offers, it has gone an extra mile to provide aesthetic clarity. The most prominent aspects you will notice on the landing page include:

  • A calculator to determine the price of an assignment. Provides the best way to place an order and minimizes confusion once on the website.
  • Simple instructions through the “how it works” part, where first-time users are taken through the processes in the website. The three simple steps enhance familiarity with the process and make it more attractive.
  • A direct chat icon for all enquiries and confirmations. One does not need to be a member to get feedback, but once an order is placed, more communication features including a direct chat with the writer through the assignment chat box are availed.
  • Services provided by the company
  • A testimonials section with reviews from previous customers.

A visitor to the website enjoys the simplest navigation from one point to another without having to suffer confusions and getting stuck. For me, clarity in navigation means time-saving. Also, the price calculator on the landing page is a sign of convenience as one does not need to contact support concerning the cost of an assignment. Further, the order option in place of registration is a huge milestone. Besides, one can have a preview of the sample papers that the company has provided alongside information of the writer ID and student rating. Services: Enjoy Multivariate Services and a Full-Time Support

The company has perfected in the art of solution finding for different subjects. Thanks to their expert writers with qualifications in various disciplines and mastery of different languages, the company offers a variety of services including:

  • Thesis paper research and writing;
  • Admission essay writing;
  • Essay writing;
  • Research paper writing and editing;
  • Term paper writing and editing;
  • Coursework writing;
  • Lab reports writing;
  • Annotated bibliographies;
  • Case studies;
  • PowerPoint presentations and research proposals.

Reviews on from different users have proven that they also handle highly involving assignments including programming assignments in Java, C++, Python, and MATLAB. My first experience with the company was an engineering assignment that was perfectly crafted according to my specifications. The wide scope of services provided by the company is a guarantee that students pursuing any discipline or field of study can get their assignments done within the agreed turnaround time and other specifications. Moreover, their round-the-clock support is a great feature that any user can utilize for feedback regarding the progress of their assignments. Visitors get to enjoy numerous services under one company without necessarily having to hop from one website to another seeking solution for different subjects that are not covered under a website.

How to Place an Order: Stress-Free Steps to Placing Your First Order

Ordering your first assignment is one of the simplest processes imaginable. Every review for on the site indicated that the process is straightforward and simple to follow. Once you click the order button, a form will appear containing all the necessary details. As a customer, one only needs to follow these self-explanatory steps:

  • First, fill in the order;
  • Enter your email address and phone number;
  • The next step entails making payment through either PayPal, Visa accounts;
  • The account is open and details in your email address;
  • Automatic login to access writers;
  • Upload the requisite materials for fulfilling the order requirements;
  • Get the ready date;
  • Notifications will be given through your mobile phones using SMS.

The form has four steps with each guiding the user to the next section. From step one to step four, there are no complex navigations with misleading directions nor prompts. The sheer simplicity in this ordering process is further emphasized by the clarity of the form details and the options provided per section. There is no manually keying in details except one’s email and mobile number. Based on the reviews, the most impressive feature with the ordering process is the price calculator which varies the amount payable depending on the specifications of a paper. Writers: Get Your Paper Written by Subject Experts has more than 2000 seasoned writers with the skills and capacity to handle any assignment within their areas of expertise. Besides, they are well advanced professionally, with some holding PhD. and other Masters Degrees. The writers are also native English speakers, with a strong command of the English language and can comfortably comprehend instructions including finer details. They have a reputation of handling urgent orders with the highest degree of expertise so that sentences are adequately crafted with creativity yet still maintaining their argumentative scope and logic. reviews from non-native users point out to the highly expert nature of the writers to deliver understandable and comprehensive assignments. One of the international students had her assignment crafted in the most basic yet acutely clear paragraphs to suitably reflect their language level. It is impressive how the company admits competitive writers with a natural understanding of English as their native language. Nevertheless, with more than 42,438 assignments already completed and an approval rate of 95%, the statistics are evidence enough that the writers are indeed experts in different fields of study.

Making Changes into a Completed Work: Enjoy Up to 14 Days of Free Revision

As a user in writing, accessing the 14-days free revisions for all my papers is one of the most refreshing opportunities. From my experience, the company is very supportive in their relationship with customers who needed revisions for sections they feel discontent. Ideally, not all revisions emerged from poor work as others were as a result of instruction changes and variations in books editions. Students have the liberty to countercheck their assignments against the instructions and still return the paper for a correction within an agreeable time. This ensures that the student will emerge with a good grade afterward since the threshold provided by the instructor will have been satisfactorily met, or even surpassed a student’s expectations. Plagiarism Free: Plagiarism-Free Guarantee in All Assignments

The company is strict on plagiarism and is part of its policy that all papers to the student will always be plagiarism free. As such, the company uses multiple plagiarism detection software before a paper is sent to the student. If a paper is plagiarized, the writers are compelled to rewrite the assignment. As such, the company works tandem with the student expectations of submitting the best quality work for final assessment. As a student, my desire was always to get papers with zero plagiarism to avoid any problems with my instructor. Thus, I usually insisted on having my paper scanned through reliable plagiarism detecting software to ensure the quality of the final output.

Finding out that their policy on plagiarism was air tight brought great relief. My version of plagiarism has always been creating a unique paper that does not merely paraphrase another textbook or journal, but one that creates an entirely original work; something this company affords its customers. Their 100% plagiarism-free papers guarantee is not a scam that fades away after a while, but an ongoing protective measure for students, and upholding a highly effective process to appreciate the culture of handwork among its writers.

Communication and Customer Service: Get Professional Full-Time Support

One outstanding feature of this company is customer service that provides a 24/support. They allow a student to make as much follow up as they want without constraints. Their available communication tools include a live chat service, call service, SMS and email. Further, the student can maintain contact with both the support and the writer through the messaging board. Here, students can ask for clarifications on different draft requests. On my first day here, I was handled with respect and was accorded as much time as I wanted to ask questions and clear any uncertainties regarding their services. Furthermore, in the event of problems arising with my paper, support was available at my disposal 24/7, assuring me of a good paper afterwards. Besides, their notifications on the progress of my paper is a thumbs-up, since one not only knows that their paper was received but is in the good hands of an expert researcher. As a student, this level of attention was overwhelming that I could hardly resist the urge to leave my first positive review, in appreciation of their highly effective customer support service and great communication etiquette. Testimonials: Prose All the Positive and Negative Reviews

On their landing page, they display their achievements including more than 42,000 completed assignments and a 95% satisfaction rate from their customers. I can confirm that these are correct figures due to their reviews policy, where only students who have received their assignments can leave comments. Besides, there are peer reviews on their landing page showing the assignment title, the writer who handled the assignment, and the time it was posted.

These are real-time figures that cannot be altered. As such, visitors can prose through all the reviews for their own good, to decide the kind of writer they want or examining company quality standards. The certainty that comes from knowing that the company you are about to work or are working with is performing well enhances trust. Throughout my undergraduate, legit services afforded me the convenience I needed in handling different activities as a student and a fulltime employee. Hence, I can confirm that the testimonials are the true expressions of the clients who not only commend the company as a reliable service but also the fantastic work by its researchers. Also, those I have recommended have returned with good reports of the company’s amazing services.

Confidentiality: Enjoy State-of-the Art Data Security Features

The company guarantees 100% data security for all system users. Further, there is no sharing user data with anyone else except you the account owner. As a student, I am always concerned about having my information secure, especially when transacting online. Other than the safety of my personal data, the security of my academic information is paramount. Hence I desist from any online transaction that jeopardizes my privacy. However, I was glad to know that guarantees the security of both my personal and academic data. Their security features include:

  • Secure login information sent to the customer through their personal email address.
  • 24/7 anomaly detection service against potential intruders.
  • Secure financial transactions by partnering with reputable online payment companies.
  • Assignment privacy. Data cannot be accessible through search engines.
  • Full-time customer service to address all customer data security concerns.

These security measures are adequate to protect user privacy. Moreover, the company partners with reputable online payment organizations such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Discover. Further, one is also protected from any fraudulent financial transactions through using this payment service. These companies have stable security features and strict anti-fraud detectors afforded by sophisticated security tools and mechanisms. Finally, the 24/7 support means that I can make an enquiry regarding any anomaly detected on my personal information on the system or my online wallet. Prices Review: Access the Most Affordable Prices

Through their calculator, any visitor intending to submit an assignment can check the price per page and the cumulative sum of the complete assignment. In my view, this company offers one of the friendliest prices and numerous benefits accessible to all users. Displayed on their landing page, one can see that the price of a PhD paper is $27.70, a figure that’s way lower compared to those of competitors. Furthermore, one will receive other priceless benefits including:

  • Free title and reference pages;
  • Free choice of a proffered writer;
  • Free drafts for a paper, on request;
  • Free complimentary notification messages on the progress of the paper;
  • A toll-free line for 24/7 student support.

In addition to all these goodies, one is entitled to get a well thought out paper that is delivered within the agreed turnaround time. Also, new students get first time discount code that is directly deducted from the total sum once the order is placed.

This means that once an assignment is conformed, all the benefits above accrue, giving the students fairly affordable services. As a student, these offers meant a great deal since they significantly reduced the final cost I would have to pay elsewhere for the same service. Promo Code: Get Unparalleled Discounts and Offers promo codes provide its customers with different offers and promotions depending on the occassion. Access to coupon codes is usually an indiscriminate process where all the eligible members are awarded. For instance, the holiday promo codes are available to all, but more advantageous for new members since a double up of their new membership discounts coupled with the promo codes allows them to unlock huge benefits. As a student, I always look for companies providing benefits such as loyalty points and discounts, which I use to pay for other orders, significantly saving me some money and reducing the number of times I have to pay using my PayPal wallet. The joy of being a new user lies on the access to guaranteed first time discounts as they considerably reduce the amount payable by a significant margin. New users have access to legit discounts that can be invoked anytime as long as the user determines. For instance, the 15% discount can be used for any paper size, type or price. As long as the promo code is still valid, nothing can stop the user from using it. Try their discounts and promo codes now!

How Bonus System Works: is it Reliable?

Here, both new users and loyal members have their share of goodies. Other than the discounts coupon provides, there are additional advantages. When one subscribes to get their assignments done, the systems incorporate a bonus feature that rewards them for their loyalty. Whenever a user pays the full amount for any given service they have requested, a bonus point is usually awarded through their virtual bonus accounts. This amount accrues over time with continuous payments. Even though one cannot withdraw the amount, continually adding to the amount aggregates to a figure that can be used to pay for another paper altogether, without having to pay an additional amount. What makes this bonus system great is the way it encourages one to not only remain loyal but also earn from the process. Eventually, both the company and the student benefit from the transaction, with the latter benefiting more as they also receive a topic relevant paper and discounts in the process. After successive orders in the system, I was surprised to have received bonuses amounting to the price of my tenth order. One can use the amount to exclusively pay for a service or subsidize the overall price.

Payment Methods: Enjoy Swift Payment Using Secure Online Systems

The fraud free payment options afford users the opportunity to make secure payments. They collaborate with international and highly reputable organizations including PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. The decision to use highly reliable pay-for-use systems is a wise move since data security is at the top of everyone’s agenda. As people seek different services online, the integrity and confidentiality of their data including personal and financial remain a matter of great concern. As a user, the main consideration apart from paper quality is the security of my data. Hence, I always look for companies that offer the most reliable and secure systems for payment and registration, as a way of ensuring that I lose none of my data nor become a victim of a system intrusion. However, the knowledge that this company uses credible payment systems that also ensure no fraud through my accounts gives it a good rating. As such safe methods of payment strategically ensure that despite their care for data security, they do not limit anyone on the choice of a payment system.

Refund: Enjoy a Flawless and Straightforward Refund Policy is sensitive to the reality that whatever clients are paying is their hard-earned money and should be used respectfully. Since customers are seeking services from the company, it is only fair to give them what is due. However, if the company can no longer meet the requirements of the customer, a refund of the total amount should be refunded to avoid the scam suspicions. However, some companies mischievously refuse to reason with the student and end up canceling any possibility of a refund, despite poor quality papers. Such is the contrary of what this company provides to its clients. Once the 14-day revision window has closed, the paper is still below the student’s expectations, a refund of the full amount paid during order placement is transferred back to the customer. As a student, getting back a refund from a company shows how much it values its customers. It also attracts me back whenever I require any assistance with my assignments. But is reliable enough to honor this money back guarantee? Well, given my past experiences, the company not only acknowledges the unfortunate incidence but fully refunds my e-wallet with the original amount without any need for justification.

Place Your Order to Check the Quality: Enjoy Free Drafts and SMS Feedback

The best way to understand how a company operates including their terms and conditions is through engaging them and evaluating their services. All the benefits and offers can only be experienced by taking the first step in ordering a service. Students who have had access and taste of quality from this website will attest to the fact that it is legit. For me, the only time I could tell, with certainty, the quality of service they offer was through placing my first order. Once inside, I gained unlimited access to both support from the highly professional staff and highly qualified writers with expert knowledge in my field. Furthermore, I got the chance to activate my discount and enjoyed my first points. Eventually, when my paper was ready, I got the notification by SMS that I can check my article for submission, merely two days from the order placement date. As simple as the order placement process was, there would be no better way to explain it, than getting first-hand experience. Although I have never had a reason to get the money back guarantee due to the satisfactory output, I believe it is a functional feature accessible to all. Get your assignment done now!

Reasons to Choose – Best Paper Writing Service in the US

The unlimited 24/7 student support, free SMS notifications, automated calculator to determine the price, simple but clear website design for ease of navigation, fast turnaround times, highly qualified writers, full confidentiality of data, money back guarantee and many others are just but a portion of the advantages accrued to students using this company for assignment assistance. From every review, the value one receives far exceeds their expectations and affords them the satisfaction of quality work. The choice of leading an exciting academic journey is completely within your reach. With only a few steps to place an order, you will receive an original topic relevant paper. Place your order today!