Top Essay Writing Review for Samedayessay Company

One of the most awaited most requested reviews by our clients was for Samedayessay company. Therefore, we conducted a comprehensive exercise to do it, and come up with the top paper writing service review for it. We have found that the company believes in being one of the leading service providers online. Not many online service providers manage to deliver the quality work that matches the level of Samedayessay company. They provide the customers with a variety of benefits which are valued by them. The company has been rendering online writing services for many years. Ever since its establishment, they have completed hundreds of thousands of assignments for customers, who reach them from different parts of the world. Their client base has steadily increased, thanks to the professionalism of their writers and efficient working of the department of quality assurance. Almost all customers of the company become its loyal clients and refer the company further to their friends and peers.

Why This Is the Best Samedayessay Review 2019

The reason we claim it to be the best review for Samedayessay company is that we have adopted a two-way approach to conducting it. Firstly, we studied the popularity of this company online at different platforms. There are discussion forums and online threads where customers share and compare their experiences with different writing companies. We researched how students feel about their experience with the Samedayessay company. In addition to that, we tested the company by placing an order of our choice on it. We wrote the instructions ourselves and made the order fairly challenging to complete with a short deadline, to test the limits of the company. Whatever we share in this review is a result of both these methods. So what we say is not only the popular opinion on the Internet but also the conclusions drawn from our personal experience with this company.

The Mission and Vision of Samedayessay Com

Samedayessay company started a few years ago with the aim of helping out students. The establishment had a rationale for opening this company. Knowing the need of students to get academic help, and their vulnerability to being deceived by fraudulent essay writing companies, the owners decided to make such a service available to the customers, that will provide them with genuine assistance in writing projects. The mission and vision of the company are to assist the students in academic writing, both concerning delivering the projects to them and with respect to guiding them on different kinds of writing assignments so that they can write the essays themselves using their tips and tricks. The company wants to help the students complete their assignments timely so that they can make optimal use of their time, and achieve good grades.

Perks for Students: Samedayessay Coupon, Discounts, and Bonuses

Samedayessay company wants to make the experience enjoyable and memorable for the students. So it provides them with a variety of perks to get them attracted and let them enjoy the best service at a fair rate. To begin with, the customer can use the coupon to get a discount on the first order. Whenever a new customer decides to use this service, the company places a personal balance in his/her account. This personal balance exists there as virtual money. It can be checked in the password-protected secure customer area. Nobody but the customer can access and avail it, because it’s absolutely private. The money in the customer’s account comes from the orders he/she places. Basically, whenever an order is placed, 10% of its total price goes straight to build this virtual money. Each next time when the customer places a new order, a 5% bonus is given. This is apart from other bonuses that the company brings up for the customer randomly. This way, with the placement of each new order, the customer builds up the money. That money can be used by simply indicating to the company that price will be charged from the balance on the order page. Eventually, so much money builds up that orders can be placed without paying any money since all price will be taken from the customer’s balance.

Safe and Secure Payment Options

Samedayessay customers have the privilege to select their options of paying themselves. They may use credit cards or other safe options of online money processing like PayPal. The company accepts safe online methods of transactions including credit cards. The standard currency in which the money is processed is the US dollar. While paying the money, you can be completely confident that the confidentiality of your personal data will be maintained at all times, since the company will protect your details. The company has put certain measures of security in place to provide the clients with this protection. For example, they use a third-party processor of the transaction which bars everyone at the company from seeing or accessing the credit card information of the clients. They believe in providing the customers with safe and secure options for the transaction. There can be certain times when you require urgent academic assistance from the company but as a student, do not have sufficient money to pay immediately. There’s no need for you to worry in such cases because samedayessay.com has got you covered with its flexible paying option. You may request the support staff to allow you to place the order so that you will pay the company in installments until you finish. The company will just require you to make partial payments during the process of writing.

Talking of payments, you definitely want our stance on Samedayessay prices. After all, as a student with limited budget and resources, this would be your prime concern. So we have to say that the prices at Samedayessay are competitive. They are neither least nor highest, but fall in the middle range compared to the prices charged by other online writing companies. Our research led us to the conclusion that the company employs fair criteria for establishing the prices of orders. Several factors contribute to determining the price of an order. If you visit the site, you will find out that these factors include the kind of writing project, level of urgency of work, and level of the academic standard required by the client. In our opinion, these criteria are the right determinants of price. Prices should be, and are, lowest for the lowest academic standard, i.e. high-school level essays and the highest are rightly the highest for the most advanced academic standard, i.e. Ph.D. It goes without saying that prices increase as the academic standard goes up from the high-school level to undergraduate level and then masters level. Likewise, the prices for orders with a 20-day deadline are much lower, almost half or nearly three times lesser than the prices set for an order with a 3-hour deadline. Again, this is a fair distribution of prices because when you place an urgent order, it gets a little challenging for the company to find the right writer for the job. After all, being a very successful and busy company, the writers can already be busy with other assignments from other clients.

Last but not least, prices are rightly determined by the kind of writing project. You understand that writing an essay is, by no means, as difficult as writing a thesis or dissertation. The company knows that the customer might request several revisions for a thesis because, as the process goes, supervisors tend to have the student revise the dissertation several times before finally approving the draft and allow the student the opportunity to take the thesis defense.

Efficient and Professional Customer Support

Samedayessay company takes pride in having an extremely efficient and responsible support team that operates round the clock to address all needs, concerns, and queries of the clients promptly. The staff is hospitable and does their best to quickly respond to the clients’ needs. There is a coherent pattern of interaction between the clients, the writers, and the support team at Samedayessay. This is much different from and better than what the customers generally get at other online writing companies, most of which neither have a competent support team nor a proper and all-time reachable phone number for the customers. Few that have the support team have rude staff who are not keen on responding to the customers’ requests timely. However, for Samedayessay, it is you who is the priority for the company, and the staff is always willing to go extra lengths to make sure that you get satisfied. They know it’s the customers who bring business to the company, so they have their priorities set right.

Testimonies from Clients

One of the most suitable criteria for judging the level of professionalism of any online writing website is to look for testimonials of clients who have used the service in the past. And talking about the testimonials, its only a real review that you want to have a look at. Because many online writing companies, particularly the scam websites tend to change and modify the content in the testimonials left by past customers on their websites. They change the bad with the good in an attempt to safeguard their image and protect their business; whereas their real effort should be to bring the quality of their services up to the level where customers actually make positive remarks about them in their feedback.

Knowing this, we not only looked at the college paper writing service review at the website but also at a variety of other platforms like online discussion forums and threads. We went through hundreds of feedbacks and reviews about the website, and were completely amazed to see that not one customer was there to speak about the website negatively. Some of the common themes and elements we came across while reading customers’ testimonials were:

  • The company is very popular among college
  • Writers always submit the work within the stipulated deadlines of the clients.
  • The company consistently tries to improve itself based on customers’ comments.
  • There is no speck of plagiarism in the work.
  • The support staff remains available 24/7.
  • The communication channel is very efficient and functional.
  • The customers are particularly drawn to it because of the promo code it offers, not to mention that they find other bonuses and discounts equally attractive and useful.
  • Customers’ personal information is always protected. Not one customer has reported a leak out of his/her information.
  • The company delivers reliable custom writing

Quality Assurance Department

At Samedayessay, the department of quality assurance is very powerful. Giving the most power to this department is a wise strategy of the company’s management because this helps them maintain the quality of service in all respects. Whether it is the quality of communication between the support staff and the customers or the quality of work delivered by the writers, the accuracy and efficiency of the accounts department in releasing salaries of writers or displaying quality content on the website for the customers, the department of quality assurance works tirelessly to keep the organization performing its best in every respect. The department checks every order for plagiarism to ensure every customer gets only original work from the writers. The company does not tolerate plagiarism at all. Therefore, any writer who attempts to plagiarized is not only caught but also applied punitive measure upon. This serves to discourage the writers from making any attempt to plagiarize. They even take a lot of care while citing information from outside sources, knowing that if they went a little careless, they could end up committing plagiarism. To sum it all up, we are completely satisfied with this company. So safely place your order on it.